Global Partners of OIL MED Petrochemical

At Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD Bulgaria and all European refineries of the company our teams performed independently or as subcontractor numerous catalyst change out works. In Russian Federation we have performed several inspection jobs in last couple of years.

Our specialists are working on global base as inspection technicians, consultants and supervisors for the catalyst change out operations and reactor readiness of the company.

Our teams have performed catalyst unloading and loading at Gazprom NIS Pancevo, Serbia refinery. Inspections and consultancy was done in the refineries in Russian Federation.

Numerous catalyst loading and loading works, silo cleaning, industrial cleaning services and many custom designed services.

Couple of consultancy and inspection works performed successfully.

Several jobs on catalyst change out activities as subcontractors and couple inspection services on catalyst unloading, preparation and transportation at Rompetrol Petromidia Constanta Refinery.

Performance of several inspections and consultancy jobs on operations of catalyst loading and reactor inspections.

Services on unloading and loading of catalysts and industrial cleaning services, silo cleaning as sub supplier or as main contractor.

Catalyst services on all reactors as main contractor.