Hydro Demolition Services by OIL MED Petrochemical

OIL MED is the partner for Zisimopoulos company from Greece in the field of hydro blasting, hydro cutting and hydro demolition services. Zisimopoulos company is with over 30 – years of experience and major subcontracting co-operations in the Oil & Gas Energy, Electrical Power, Aluminum, Aerospace, Cement and Food Products Manufacturing industries. A full range of hydro dynamic services are provided, which include hydro cutting, hydro demolition, surface preparation and dry ice blasting.

  • Does not cause micro cracks in the structure.
  • Does not damage reinforcing steel or cause loosening within the structure.
  • Reinforcing steel is cleaned by the action of the HP water.
  • Superior surface is created for bond with new concrete or coating.
  • Selective removal is only achieved by using Hydro demolition.