Industrial Services by Request from OIL MED Petrochemical

We have planned and performed numerous services to companies in the industrial sector by their specific requests or needs.

Here are several examples:

Agropolychim Bulgaria AD: Ammonia Nitrate Column

The job was performed at much shorter timeline then the plant estimated. The loading was executed at really high quality.

Agropolychim Bulgaria AD: Cleaning of the Sludge of the Water Treatment Facility

We prepared and performed the service at unique and developed by us plan of works.

Odessos Shipyard S.A. Varna: Cleaning of Tanks for Storage and Transportation of Liquid Ammonia of the Prins Maurits Ship

Our teams was the only one in the Black Sea region which offered the confined space entry scope of works for this type of work.

Development of site specific machine for cleaning of silos and other confined vessels without need of entry of people

Jobs was performed at Power Plant Russe, Aurubis Bulgaria AD and others smaller silos owner sites.

Specially designed and fabricated by our team machine for remote cleaning: permits cleaning of silos, bins, bunkers and other confined vessels without the need of entry of people. The substantial increase of job safety and shrinking of the time line necessary for performance of the total operation are the main advantages of this machine and technology. The machines were designed and constructed to meet the specific sites requirements, size of silo and places of plant equipment.