Reactor & Catalyst Services by OIL MED Petrochemical

Our teams are performing all operations of unloading and loading of catalysts – either under nitrogen or normal atmosphere with all types of catalysts, reactors, convertors, columns and other vessels of the refining and chemical industries. All our employees passed a specially designed training of safety behavior and orientation in emergency situations. All team members are trained and accustomed of using all necessary PPE and the strictly following of all industrial standards and procedures to provide safe and timely completion of the job and a high quality of the work done. All our petrochemical industry services team members are certified and have years of experience in how to use Life Support System with locking helmets for works in Nitrogen atmosphere.

Some of the services we are experienced at:

  • Catalyst unloading – by gravity and with vacuum
  • Catalyst sampling
  • Unloaded catalyst packaging, preparation and ADR transportation
  • Screening of catalyst and inert materials
  • Reactor internals repair works, assembly and disassembly of trays, thermocouples, quench sections etc.
  • Video inspection
  • Loading of catalyst and inert materials – sock loading and with conveyor
  • Cleaning with vacuum machine of dry and wet materials – catalysts, guard-layers of catalytic systems, inert materials, residues and others.
  • Packaging and preparation for transportation, including ADR

We performed independently and with our partners catalyst unloading and reloading services worldwide. In South East Europe we worked at Lukoil Neftochim Bulgaria AD, GAZPROM NIS Refinery in Pancevo Serbia, Rompetrol Refinery in Constanta Romania, Agropolichim AD Bulgaria, Aurubis Bulgaria AD, InsaOil Ltd. Bulgaria.